The solution of yellowing of water-based paint


Yellowing, from a professional point of view is the coating, especially the white coating or varnish in the process of aging color yellowing phenomenon. How to solve the phenomenon of water-based paint yellowing it? One of the requirements is the need to choose high-quality water-based paint. How to choose high-quality water-based paint, water-based paint to distinguish true and false, the following points:
1, to see if there are detailed product packaging information, including the name of the factory, brand, etc .; whether the quality of the test part of the test report. Such as clarity, do not purchase. Focus on the factory qualification certificate and quality inspection part of the original test instructions.

2, to see whether the packaging is complete, shake the bucket will have too much noise, loud sound that poor quality. The weight of the paint bucket can also be compared with the product package.

3, check the printing and packaging patterns are clear.

4, open the paint bucket to see if there are impurities, whether clear.

5, stirring observation and feel whether there are massive objects.

6, the smell is choking hot nose.

7, to the store to buy, use the same brand, do not mix.
In addition to the selection of high-quality water-based paint, brush a layer of paint before brushing, but also can effectively prevent the phenomenon of water-based paint yellowing.


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