Wood texture embossing machine
Wood texture embossing machine

Wood texture embossing machine

Model:  SL-TWEH
it applies a heavy stainless steel roller with laser engraved wood texture on its surface to emboss the pattern on the surface of wooden board. You can choice any wood texture you like, or added heating function to make the new texture carbonizing.
After appropriate coating process, it can make the normal wooden board become the famous which will enhance the value of products.

· Application filed:

  furniture, door, wardrobe, cupboard, etc.
· Application board:
  solid wood board, ply, mdf, pb, veneer, etc.


These technical parameters are based on different working width of standard models, and for reference only. Your customization is available.
Wood texture embossing machine SL-TWEH Working width 800mm Working width 1000mm Working width 1300mm
Overall dimensions(length*width*height) 1950*1800*1700mm 1950*2000*1700mm 1950*2300*1700mm
Estimated weight 1300kg 1500kg 1800kg
MIN working thickness 3mm 3mm 3mm
MIN working length 300mm 300mm 300mm
Working speed 6m/min 6m/min 6m/min
Speed of revolution 0-100round/min 0-100round/min 0-100round/min
Full power 8.62kw+18kw  380V 50HZ 3P 8.62kw+18kw  380V 50HZ 3P 8.62kw+18kw  380V 50HZ 3P
Laser engraved embossing roller power 7.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw
Lifting power 0.37kw 0.37kw 0.37kw
Conveyor power 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Electric motor 3, UNIS from China 3, UNIS from China 3, UNIS from China
Electrical appliance Chint from China
Frequency Converter 1, DELTA from Taiwan, China
Laser engraved pressing roller 1, φ400mm, 320kg, 370kg, 450kg, standard texture: ashtree/white ash/white oak/red oak
Conveyor H850mm, φ60mm, stainless steel rollers
Working direction Right to left
Optional added function 18kw, 80℃, Heating device
Control Multi-function button control panel, Chinese and English


Different configurations to meet various demands and investment. Your customization is available.
  • Frequency converter control

    Frequency converter control

  • Laser engraved embossing roller

    Laser engraved embossing roller

  • Electrical heating device

    Electrical heating device

  • UNIS electric motor

    UNIS electric motor

  • Stainless steel rollers conveyor

    Stainless steel rollers conveyor

  • High quality embossing roller

    · Instead of traditional etching technical, we use real laser engraved the wooden texture that much more clear vivid and durable.

    · The surface of embossing roller apply carburizing process on surface ensure high hardness and abrasive resistance.

    · Apply electric heating function ensure wooden pattern stable prevent rebounding appearance.


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