Brush wipe color machine
Brush wipe color machine

Brush wipe color machine

Model:  TZS
Function:  it applies the double brush rollers to wipe the colour water paint much more evenly on board after coating colour paint by roller coating machine, it will be no any chromatism and can recycle the excess paint through the brushes.
· Application filed:
  furniture, door, floor, etc.
· Application board:
  solid wood board.
· Application paint:
  water color paint.


These technical parameters are based on different working width of standard models, and for reference only. Your customization is aviliable.
Brush wipe color machine TZS Working width 600mm Working width 800mm Working width 1300mm
Overall dimensions(length*width*height) 2100*1450*1350mm 2100*1650*1350mm 2100*2150*1350mm
Estimated weight 650kg 750kg 950kg
MAX working thickness 100mm 100mm 100mm
MIN working length 300mm 300mm 300mm
Working speed 0-25m/min 0-25m/min 0-25m/min
Full power 3.75kw 3.75kw 3.75kw
Brush roller power 1.5kw*2 1.5kw*2 1.5kw*2
Conveyor power 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Electric motor 3, from UNIS, China 3, from UNIS, China 3, from UNIS, China
Frequency Converter 3, Shihlin from Taiwan, China
Electrical appliance Chint from China
Brush roller 2, Hog bristles
Conveyor T3mm, PU, Ammerraal from Holland



These high-level configarations ensure reliable function and durable.
  • TZS
  • Hog bristles

    Hog bristles

  • Paint drain-pipe recycling

    Paint drain-pipe recycling

  • UNIS electric motor

    UNIS electric motor

  • Dovetail slot lifting

    Dovetail slot lifting

  • Frequency Control

    Frequency Control


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