Wooden line sanding machine
Wooden line sanding machine

Wooden line sanding machine

Model:  SL-TWL
Function:  it applies eight axis brush rollers which combine the sand paper with sisal material, this special structure is capable of sanding shaped wooden line and very convenient to replace the sand paper.
The rotation rate and angle of each brush roller is adjustable, with four top brush rollers and four side brush rollers that can sand the raw material or primer.

· Application filed:

  door line, window line, decoration line, etc.
· Application line:
  solid wooden line, ply, mdf, pvc, etc.


These technical parameters are based on different working width of standard models, and for reference only. Your customization is available.
Wooden line sanding machine SL-TWL Working width 150mm
Overall dimensions(length*width*height) 3600*900*1300mm
Estimated weight 600kg
MAX working thickness 80mm
MIN working length 380mm
Working speed 0-12m/min
Speed of revolution 560round/min, 288round/min
Full power 3.71kw  380V 50HZ 3P
Sanding power 0.37kw*8
Conveyor power 0.75kw
Electric motor 9, UNIS from China
Frequency Converter 5, DELTA from Taiwan, China
Electrical appliance    Chint from China
Sanding roller 8, Sisal, φ310mm, #180, #240, #320
Conveyor H850mm, T6mm, Timing belt from China
Working direction Right to left
Control Multi-function button control panel, Chinese and English


Different configurations to meet various demands and investment. Your customization is available.
  • SL-TWL
  • Four top sisal brush

    Four top sisal brush

  • Four side sisal brush

    Four side sisal brush

  • Timing belt

    Timing belt

  • Pressing and guide structure

    Pressing and guide structure

  • DELTA Frequency control

    DELTA Frequency control


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