Brief introduction of antique wooden door painting process points


Now, more and more young people like antique wooden doors, like nostalgic style, the popularity of antique wind blowing a gust of wind, the following introduction about the antique wooden door coating process.

1, substrate processing

Because the color of the wood itself is large, especially solid wood panels have a lot of color, and therefore to the substrate processing operations.

2, the overall coloring

The material background color coated with similar color, so there are many kinds of colored materials, wood grain texture is not very clear for the plate, you can consider a permeable pigment coloring agent and sponge roller coloring machine.

3, once primer

Generally the viscosity of the primer is relatively low, so that it is easier to penetrate into the surface layer of the board.

4, rubbing stain paint

With a wipe machine to operate, to further enhance the texture of the effect, while making some light and dark contrast. This level of operation will greatly determine the overall effect.

5, second primer

Second, the viscosity of the primer can be adjusted according to the normal viscosity of oil, it plays a protective background, the role of coloring agent, while it has a better filling, is an important part of the film, Heavy duty precision roller coator

6, re-painted coloring agent

Its operation and the same process. The role is to increase the level of the product and three-dimensional sense. At the same time to deepen the carved part of the groove sector coloring, so that the level is more clear, increase the overall sense of the old.

7, spray transparent primer

To be cured after curing, polished, the use of spraying machine operation, to prevent the paint sagging.

8, repair the color, spray point

Soluble dyes and solvent can be used to configure, to complete repair color, you can point spray operations.

9, spray transparent finish paint,making it shiny evenly.


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