Reciprocating spray painting machine
Reciprocating spray painting machine

Reciprocating spray painting machine

Model:  SL-TZWP-2S
Function:  it is an advanced automatic spray painting machine assemble wide spraying booth, two parallel spray axis in same or opposite direction which equip eight adjustable spray guns, complete positive pressure air system, automatic clean and paint recycling system, usually connect to other drying or sanding machines as whole production line.
It is suitable to spray primer or finish of flat board, lines or with shaped design include four edges and top face at one pass.

· Application filed:
  furniture, door, wardrobe, cupboard, decoration, etc.
· Application board:
  wood, pvc, marble, ceramic, glass, metal, etc.
· Application paint:
  UV, PU, water based paint, PE, special paint, etc.


These technical parameters are based on different configarations for different demands of painting process, and for reference only. Your customization is aviliable.
Reciprocating spray painting machine SL-TZWP-2S
Overall dimensions(length*width*height) 5000(+900)*4850*3320mm
MAX working width 1300mm
MAX working thickness(include edge) 40mm
MAX working thickness(exclude edges) 100mm
MIN working length 300mm
Estimated weight 5000kg
Full power 13kw / 14kw  380V 50HZ 3P
Average working speed 1~6m/min
The speed of spray painting gun 1~1.8m/s
Paint utilization ratio 80%—95%
Air flow rate 8000~12000m³/h  Air exhuast 3kw, Air inlet 5.5kw
Spray gun 8, low pressure mixed air spray gun, GRACO from U.S.
Paint pump 1, Merkur bellows plunger type pump, GRACO from U.S., 15:1, 9L
Linear guide rail 2, HIWIN from Taiwan, China
Lubrication 1, Automatic  ISHAN from Taiwan, China
Automatic scanning system 2, Bonner screen from America
PLC controller 1, Panasonic PLC, Japan
Servo electric motor 1-2, DELTA from Taiwan, China, 1kw*2 sets or 3kw*1 set
Frequency Converter 2, DELTA from Taiwan, China
Electrical appliance Schneider from Germany, Chint from China.
Air cylinder 0.6mpa, AINTAC from Taiwan, China
Light Fire proof type, LED.  0.05kw
Conveyor Left to right, H850mm, T3mm, Corrosion scratch resistant PU belt from Ammerraal, Holland, 1.5kw
Belt cleaning pump 2, Vacuum diaphragm pump, 10L*2
Belt cleaning scraper blade 2, 0.75kw
Steel roller paint scraper blade 3, 50*0.203mm, from Sweden
Control 1, DELTA LCD screen, HMI, Chinese and English


Different configarations to meet various demands and investment for your different products.
  • SL-TZWP-2S
  • Eight reciprocating spray guns

    Eight reciprocating spray guns

  • GRACO plunger type pump

    GRACO plunger type pump

  • Automatic PLC control HMI

    Automatic PLC control HMI

  • Panasonic PLC controller

    Panasonic PLC controller

  • DELTA servo motor

    DELTA servo motor

  • Automatic scan work piece

    Two Bonner light curtain at the entry scan the size and place of work piece, calling right program to control spray range and time, make better utilization efficiency of spraying.

  • HIWIN quiet straight guid rail

    HIWIN quiet and heavy load straight guide rail ensure fast spraying action and long distance working easily and smoothly, effective reduce working noise, working stably for 24 hours.

  • Automatic lubricating device

    The ISHAN lubricating device automatically regular inject lubricant into the rail and flush the used away to ensure the spray rail keep its best without any pause or stop during work.

  • Spraying gun automatic cleaning

    After work finished, just change the pump pipe into thinner barrel, click the clean then you can leave. Machine will clean the spraying gun, back to original place and shut down by itself.

  • Spraying guns fast control

    In addition to the intelligent HMI, we add stainless steel control panel to spraying booth that easily adjust each spray gun fast, convenient to test spray settings or maintenance.

  • Belt back scraper cleaning

    At two ends of belt conveyor, use blade inside to scrape the supporting stainless steel roller removing any paint ensure the back of belt still keep clean.

  • Belt cleaning and paint recycling

    This independent cleaing structure with drawer track under the conveyor is able to recycle paint on belt and ensure clean belt in case of staining work piece.

  • Belt paint scrape recycling

    While spray paint on belt and rotate under spraying booth, the stainless steel roller will contact to the belt surface bring paint on itself, then automatic scrape the paint into recycling tank.

  • Belt cleaning structure

    After paint recycling, the belt cleaning device keep pumping thinner on stainless steel roller wash the belt surface and scrape belt ensure it clean and dry as new.

  • Positive air pressure system

    The big centrifugal fan inlet and filter air up to 12,000m3/h, support positive air clean and dry into the spraying booth from top that ensure lower paint mist and better spraying effect.

  • Air exhaust top fan

    Redundant paint liquid or mist will flow into the bottom of spraying booth storage in the big stainless steel container on back, on top of it with strong fan exhaust as whole air circle.

  • Stainless steel paint mist filter

    Inside of the paint storage container with four stainless steel filter layer keep paint mist as liquid drop down and less exhaust away, each filter layer easily to take out clean or change.


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