Precautions of UV coating production line


UV coating is specifically for UV paint plate coating, UV light curing paint is a kind of independent coating, its film forming principle of non-chemical properties, but the optical reaction film, so the application of UV coating production line, There are many different from other types of paint characteristics, many UV coating production line matters needing attention is the basic grasp, otherwise it will bring unnecessary trouble to the production.

The first is the use of UV paint Note: light curing paint in the paint configuration is not allowed to mix with other coatings used, due to thicker, so need to fully stir evenly. Diluents are not allowed to be added unless the diluent is specified on the paint instructions.

Followed by the UV coating equipment Note: UV paint is also a kind of distinction, in the UV coating production line, whether it is the use of roller coating machine, coating machine or spraying machine, should use the corresponding UV paint system, if mixed with different Construction methods of paint will cause the coating effect greatly reduced, or even do not expect the desired product.

And then UV drying Note: UV paint based on the high consistency, so after the coating is usually recommended to add a leveling machine for a period of time heat drying leveling, and then into the UV light curing machine for complete drying. If the indoor environment is low lead to low paint temperature, should use the water cycle heating system with the roller coating machine painting, to avoid excessive paint viscosity caused by uneven coating phenomenon.

Finally, the UV coating equipment cleaning Note: In the long-term use of UV coating production line, can not avoid the paint on the machine when the equipment caused by paint pollution, paint replacement in the machine inside the attached paint is also in need of timely processing. It is recommended to use ester solvent cleaning, and cleaning the paint to remember can not be recycled, can only do the next treatment when the first road cleaning purposes. UV paint also need to follow the instructions on the packaging for a reasonable storage, so as to avoid changes in paint quality UV coating quality decline.



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