Automatic linear spraying machine
Automatic linear spraying machine

Automatic linear spraying machine

Model: SL-TSL-G / -K / -I
Function:  it applies three or six stable spray guns to paint line pieces fast, these spray guns won’t move during work and automatic close while without workpiece pass through, with water curtain inside move the paint mist away make better spraying effect.
It is suitable to spray primer or finish of flat straight lines and even some with stages or angle.

· Application filed: 

  door frame, door line, window frame, window line, decoration line, cheap floor, etc.
· Application line:
  wood, pvc, marble, etc.
· Application paint:
  UV, PU, PE, water based paint, special paint, etc.


These technical parameters are based on different application of paint, and for reference only. Your customization is aviliable.
Automatic linear spraying machine SL-TSL SL-TSL-G SL-TSL-K SL-TSL-I
Overall dimensions(length*width*height) 3600*2050*2200mm
Spraying machine 1460*2050*2200mm
Conveyor 1750*700*1350mm * 2sets
Estimated weight 1200kg
MAX working width 350mm
MIN working length 420mm
Working speed 0-30m/min
Full power 5.62kw+6kw  380V 50HZ 3P
Top fan power 3kw
Dust cleaner power 0.37kw
Water pump power 0.75kw
Conveyor power 0.75kw*2
Paint heating container 6kw
Electric motor 5, UNIS from China
Frequency Converter 2, DELTA from Taiwan, China
PLC 1, DELTA from Taiwan, China
Electrical appliance    Chint from China
Air pressure 0.6mpa
Spraying guns Clear or solid color Clear or solid color Clear, solid color or mix color
W0~150mm 3, low pressure air mix, GRACO, U.S. W0~150mm 3, air mix, KREMLIN, FRA W0~150mm 3, air, IWATA, JPN
W150mm~200mm 4, low pressure air mix,GRACO, U.S. W150~200mm 4, air mix, KREMLIN, FRA W150~200mm 4, air, IWATA, JPN
W200mm~350mm 6, low pressure air mix,GRACO, U.S. W200~350mm 6, air mix, KREMLIN, FRA W200~350mm 6, air, IWATA, JPN
Paint pump  1, plunger type, 30:1, GRACO, U.S.  1, plunger type, 20:1, KREMLIN, FRA 1, vacuum diaphragm type, 1:1, CHN.
Angle of spray gun Manual regulate
Conveyor H850mm, T3mm, PU, Ammerraal from Holland
Working direction Right to left
Control system 1, Shihlin LCD screen, HMI, Chinese and English


Different configarations to meet various demands and investment for different products. Your customization is aviliable.
  • SL-TSL-G
  • Automatic PLC control HMI

    Automatic PLC control HMI

  • GRACO mixed air spray gun

    GRACO mixed air spray gun

  • GRACO plunger type pump

    GRACO plunger type pump

  • Water curtain system

    Water curtain system



  • Different spraying system

    · We support GRACO, KREMLIN and IWATA spraying system as optional, each has its own feature and advantages.

    · According to different paint and final effect choose different spraying system more suitable.

    · According to the width of workpiece choose the quantity of spraying guns ensure enough painting without missing.

  • Spraying paint recycling

    In the middle of spraying cabinet, redundant paint which hasn't attached on the workpiece will directly spraying into the stainless steel flume and stream down for recycling use.

  • Water curtain

    Equip spraying cabinet with water curtain system inside, paint mist integrated into the circular water away that keep clean environment ensure better spraying effect and reduce smell.

  • Top exhaust fan

    On the top of spraying cabinet, a strong fan keep exhaust the paint mist away after filter, usually the top fan connect to the expert pipe or expert waste gas treatment equipment.

  • Entry guide side roller

    The width of entry is adjustable by conveyor two sides rollers, help to guide workpiece translate in same place and ensure uniform spraying effect.

  • Workpiece detector

    There's a detector at the entry of spraying cabinet that record information send to the PLC and control the spraying guns colse without workpiece pass through saving paint cost.

  • Dust cleaner(Option)

    You can choose add one more brush at the entry of spraying cabinet to clean workpiece for better spraying effect, espcially for raw material or after sanding process.


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