Automatic spray painting robot
Automatic spray painting robot

Automatic spray painting robot

Model:  MH50Ⅱ-20
Function:  it applies robot arm which equiped with spray gun to meet painting a wider variety of products. This robot arm is simulated intelligent control that can spray painting any angle in any movement flexible, and the accurate guaranteed by programmable controller.
It is very useful to deal with special board or whole unit product that save paint and increase efficiency more than 30% .

· Application filed:
  furniture, door, wardrobe, cupboard, bed, chair, decoration, etc.
· Application paint:
  UV, PU, PE, special paint, etc.


These technical parameters are for reference only. Your customization is aviliable.
Automatic spray painting robot MH50Ⅱ-20
Overall dimensions(length*width*height) 1550*1720*2000mm+600*450*1030mm+680*780*1050mm
Estimated weight 800kg
Loading weight 20kg
Working vertical distance  5585mm
Working horizontal distance  3106mm
Repeat location precision ±0.15mm
Full power 5kw
Power capacity 3.5KVA
Freedom degree 6
S axis(root rotate) -180°~+180°   180°/s
L axis(down arm) -90°~+135°   178°/s
U axis(up arm) -160°~+251°   178°/s
R axis(wrist rotate) -190°~+190°   400°/s
B axis(wrist swing) -50°~+230°   400°/s
T axis(wrist extend) -360°~+360°   600°/s
Servo electric motor 6, YASKAWA from Japan
Electrical appliance YASKAWA from Japam
Air pressure 0.6mpa, AINTAC from Taiwan, China
Spray gun 1, low pressure mixed air spray gun, GRACO from America
Paint pump 1, plunger type, 1:30, GRACO from America


These high-level configarations to meet various demands of your furniture. Your customization is aviliable.
  • MH50Ⅱ-20
  • GRACO mixed air spray gun

    GRACO mixed air spray gun

  • GRACO plunger type pump

    GRACO plunger type pump

  • Joint electric motor

    Joint electric motor

  • Control cabinet

    Control cabinet

  • Programmator



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