Installation and commissioning of the curtain coating machine


The coating machine in the coating line provides an unparalleled paint effect for the finish of the board finish. After the paint is painted, the finish of the board is as smooth as the surface, and the polished PE paint is chosen to achieve the usual piano mirror effect The The installation and commissioning of the curtain is not as complicated as it is, and it is usually done by the manufacturer to install and train the operator of the buyer. However, given the uneven quality of the training of the manufacturer of the gantry machine, the communication is not smooth So that the curtain machine can not play all its functions.

Sen Union here for the purchase of the curtain machine enterprises to provide the most practical installation and commissioning steps to guide, do simple summarized as follows:

1, shower curtain installation, the ground should be solid and smooth, with the level of the machine to adjust to the flat position

2, the device positioning, turn on the power, jogging check conveyor belt movement direction and pump shaft rotation direction is correct.

3, the temperature controller temperature set at 35-40 degrees Celsius, before heating, please carefully check whether the water tank has been injected with enough heating water.

4, the knife body turned open, with alcohol to clean the entire body cavity.

5, adjust the knife knife and L-shaped knife between the gap, so that the thickness of the curtains leaching paint to meet the specified requirements.

6, the conveyor belt conveyor speed adjusted to the appropriate speed, pay attention to the conveyor belt can not be biased.

7, observe the paint screen, until the small bubble can be completely eliminated after the workpiece test.

8, the workpiece after passing the test can enter the production.

Summed up the installation and commissioning of eight shower curtains, I believe that customers can bring useful guidance to help clear the idea, in advance to prepare the venue, related equipment and personnel to ensure the smooth installation, commissioning a customs clearance.


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