How to estimate working hours in painting process


(1) first, fully understand the information of the processing panel. Including size and quantity and processing requirements.

(2) according to the surface characteristics of the plate (rust, oil pollution degree, etc.), the process required for each plate surface treatment and the basic working hours required for each process are calculated.

(3) according to the coating quality level requirements of different plates, determine the number of layers of putty putty, the number of sand light and the number of working hours required for the number of coatings.

(4) determine how to dry the putty, primer and surface paint, and apply wet wetting process to calculate the auxiliary hours required for drying time.

(5) according to the size, quantity and quality requirements of the panel, the processing mode is determined, and the plant planning is made. Generally, the number of plates in large quantities can be reduced by 2~5 hours.

(6) for the design of production line construction in the production line, the working hours can be estimated according to each coating process. According to the degree of each process, the total amount of work time is estimated to be 5~ 8, which is the total amount of work consumed by a batch of products.


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