Automatic spray painting machine
Automatic spray painting machine

Automatic spray painting machine

Model:  TSP-W / TSP
Function:  it is equipped with many advanced precision hardwares and most intelligent five-axis spray system which can easily spray painting each side of board and feed or turn-over all by itself, ensure highly uniform film without any sagging of paint.
It can automatic work continuously and stable for 24 hours without stopping, helpful to save paint and increase efficiency more than 30% on record, which can instead of manual spraying for good and all.

· Application filed:
  furniture, door, wardrobe, cupboard, decoration, etc.
· Application board:
  solid wood board, ply, mdf, mfc, pb, etc.
· Application paint:
  UV, PU, PE, special paint, etc.


These technical parameters are based on different configarations for different demands of painting process, and for reference only. Your customization is aviliable.
Automatic spray painting machine TSP-W TSP
Overall dimensions(length*width*height) 4500*3000*2400mm 4200*2400*2500mm
MAX working thickness 150mm 150mm
Working length 300-2000/2400mm 300-2000/2400mm
MAX working width 1200mm 1200mm
Estimated weight 2200kg 2200kg
Full power 3.7kw 3.7kw
Power of X axis(left and right moving of spray gun) 0.75kw 0.75kw
Power of Y axis(back and forth moving of spray gun) 2.0kw 2.0kw
Power of Z axis(lifting moving of spray gun) 0.75kw 0.75kw
Power of A axis(horizontal rotation of spray gun) 0.1kw 0.1kw
Power of B axis(pitching angle of spray gun) 0.1kw 0.1kw
Servo electric motor 5, DELTA from Taiwan, China 5, DELTA from Taiwan, China
Electrical appliance Schneider from Germany Chint from China
Air pressure 0.6mpa, AINTAC from Taiwan, China 0.6mpa, AINTAC from Taiwan, China
Communication cable 12*0.2mm, Helukabel from Germany 6*0.2mm, from China
Linear guide rail THK from Japan From China
Spray gun 1, low pressure mixed air spray gun, GRACO from America 2, air spray gun, IWATA from Japan
Caliber of spray gun φ1.0-1.5mm φ0.9-1.3mm
Angle of spray gun 0-20 degress 0-20 degress
Speed of spray gun 0-1500mm/s 0-1500mm/s
Paint pump 1, plunger type, 1:30, GRACO from America 1, vacuum diaphragm, 10L, from Taiwan, China
Control system 1004C high speed spray and five-axis system, LCD screen, ADTECH from China 1004C high speed spray and five-axis system, LCD screen, ADTECH from China


Different configarations to meet various demands and investment for your different products. Model TSP-W is the most advanced and useful. Your customization is aviliable.
  • TSP-W for best primer and finish
  • TSP for best primer
  • GRACO mixed air spray gun

    GRACO mixed air spray gun

  • GRACO plunger type pump

    GRACO plunger type pump

  • DELTA servo system

    DELTA servo system

  • THK linear guide rail

    THK linear guide rail

  • Helukabel


  • IWATA air spray gun

    IWATA air spray gun

  • Vacuum diaphragm pump

    Vacuum diaphragm pump

  • Linear guide rail

    Linear guide rail

  • AINTAC air cylinder

    AINTAC air cylinder

  • High speed spraying control system

    ADTECH quick response LCD touch screen loading latest 1004C high speed spraying and five-axis control system which connect to the servo control system. We have optimized the interfaces that make operation simple and digitization, it will helpful to increase efficiency and process much more precise. This highly automatic system which can remember thousands files that do not need programming skills and just input the size dates it will finish all steps all by itself.

  • Accurate spray control system

    Spraying precise control system, realizes the man-machine integration.Output processing instructions, control processing action, processing station, switch gun . It will be helpful to increase efficiency and process much more precise.This system also makes operation more simple, and more convenient

  • Precision hardware assembly

    This part control five-axis, assembled advanced hardwares make the spray painting action agile like human arm and more accurately. Best hardwares ensure stable performance and better spraying effect.

  • Multifunctional station

    We design two special stations on the horizontal rotation conveyor. One for carrying the furniture board steady that can spray the top and four edges of board. The other for holding and turning over the door that can spray six sides.


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