Wooden line UV curing machine
Wooden line UV curing machine

Wooden line UV curing machine

Model:  TGX
Function:   it applies the strong UV light to react with UV paint and curing in 3 to 5 seconds immediately, this light reaction greatly save the drying time and the storage space without any harmful substance volatilize.
This structure is equiped with three top UV lamps and two sides UV lamps to ensure curing three sides of wooden line. Application of reflectve materials inside and well sealed can use the UV light better.

· Application filed:
  furniture, door, decoration, etc.
· Application line:
  door frame, door line, window frame, window line, decoration line, pvc line, etc.
· Application paint:
  mercury lamp for clear UV, gallium lamp for color UV.


These technical parameters are based on different application lamps of standard model, and for reference only. Your customization is aviliable.
Wooden line UV curing machine TGX Working width 300-400mm
Overall dimensions(length*width*height) 3000*1000*1770mm / 3135*1400*1770mm
Estimated weight 800kg
MAX working thickness 100mm
MIN working length 150mm
Working speed 0-25m/min
Full power 30.95kw/35.75kw
UV mercury lamp power/UV gallium lamp power 5.6kw*5/5.6kw*2+7.2kw*3
Conveyor power 0.75kw
Fan power 1.1kw*2
Electric motor 2, UNIS from China
Conveyor electric motor 1, GPG from China
Frequency Converter 1, Shihlin from Taiwan, China
Voltage transformer Copper wire and magnetic flux leakage
Electrical appliance Chint from China
Conveyor φ25mm, stainless steel rollers
Optional lamp for different UV paint UV mercury lamp, UV gallium lamp, UV iron gallium lamp


These high-level configarations ensure reliable function and durable. Your customization is aviliable.
  • TGX
  • Frequency converter control

    Frequency converter control

  • UV lamp

    UV lamp

  • GPG electric motor

    GPG electric motor

  • Stainless steel roller conveyor

    Stainless steel roller conveyor

  • Top fan

    Top fan

  • Edge lamps

    In one of the lamp rooms, there is edge lamp hanging up each side which hight and angle are adjustable for curing UV paint on the two edges of wooden line. The flip-type UV lamp is convenient to clean or replace.


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