Wood veneer sanding machine
Wood veneer sanding machine

Wood veneer sanding machine

Model:  SL-TWSV-RP
Function:  it applies the vertical running sand belt, equipped with advanced precise hardware to ensure sanding and polishing the wood veneer boards in smooth finish or even uniform thickness. This wood veneer sander is suitable to flat veneer covered board or even the thin veneer directly. 

· Application filed:

  furniture, door, wardrobe, cupboard, floor, decoration, building insulation, etc.
· Application board:
  Wood veneer.


These technical parameters are based on different working width of standard models, and for reference only. Your customization is available.
Wood veneer sanding machine SL-TWSV-RP Working width 30 to 630mm Working width 30 to 1000mm Working width 30 to 1300mm
Overall dimensions(length*width*height) 1860*1250*2000mm 1860*1680*2040mm 2200*2030*2150mm
Estimated weight 1500kg 2200kg 3000kg
Working thickness 2-100mm 2-100mm 2-100mm
Working length ≥320mm ≥320mm ≥320mm
Sand belt 1900*650mm  180p240p / 240p320p 2000*1020mm  180p240p / 240p320p 2200*1320mm  180p240p / 240p320p
Conveyor speed 5-18m/min 5-18m/min 5-18m/min
Dust absorption wind speed 8200m³/h 8200m³/h 8200m³/h
Air pressure 0.6mpa 0.6mpa 0.6mpa
Top dust exhaust tunnel Φ150mm*2 Φ150mm*4 Φ150mm*4
Full power 20.37kw  380V 50HZ 3P 27.87kw  380V 50HZ 3P 41.55kw  380V 50HZ 3P
1st sanding frame Φ190mmSH45  10m/s  11kw Φ190mmSH45  10m/s  15kw Φ190mmSH45  10m/s  22kw
2nd sanding frame Wide air float pad  0~12m/s  7.5kw Wide air float pad  0~12m/s  11kw Wide air float pad  0~12m/s  15kw
Table automatic lifting 0.37kw 0.37kw 0.55kw
Conveyor power 1.5kw 1.5kw 3kw
Electric motor 4, UNIS from China
Electrical appliance  LS from Korea,  SIEMENS from Germany,  Chint from China
PLC 1, DELTA from Taiwan, China
Frequency Converter 3, DELTA from Taiwan, China
Electromagnetic valve AirTAC from Taiwan, China
Photoelectric switch Autonics from Korea
Conveyor H850mm, Flat table, T8mm PU anti-skid belt with air holes
Working direction Right to left
Control 1, MCGS LCD screen, HMI, Chinese and English
Optional models for different process Double / Three sanding frame    Sanding frame automatic lifting    Working table automatic lifting   Vacuum adsorption table(T<2mm)


Different configurations to meet various demands and investment. Your customization is available.
  • Automatic PLC control HMI

    Automatic PLC control HMI

  • Double veneer sanding frame

    Double veneer sanding frame



  • DELTA Frequency control

    DELTA Frequency control

  • Vacuum adsorption table(Option)

    Vacuum adsorption table(Option)

  • Different veneer sanding choose

    · According to different veneer and sanding effect demands, you can consider double or three sanding frames.

    · For common situation, double sanding frames good enough to various veneer products.

    · For both sanding thickness and fine surface demands of veneer products, three sanding frames is best choice.

    · If wanna sanding veneer directly, especially thickness under 2mm, the Vacuum adsorption table is necessary.

  • Eccentric shaft

    Sanding axis combine seamless steel tube, eccentric shaft core with NSK bearing, through fine manufacture to ensure balance error around ±0.02mm, prevent miss or deviate sanding.

  • Wide air float pad

    The second sanding frame with wide air float pad controlled by constant air pressure, that polish the veneer surface and get much more smooth finish.

  • Independent shaft hanging slab

    Each shaft fix on independent stable hanging slab and easily to solve the sanding deviation. Just turn the screw to different direction which one round means 0.1mm rectify accurately.

  • Eccentric shaft damp lifting

    The first sanding frame apply air cylinder lifting the eccentric shaft when it's rest that can protect the boards from damaged if machine stop emergency.

  • Sanding belt adjust knob

    On the sanding frame face with knobs that can adjust the sanding belt in case of it out of central, the knobs are intuitively clear and easily to operate.

  • Magnetic scale

    Apply NC magnetic scale to reduce mechanical errors that get much more accurate positioning.

  • Automatic thickness detect

    Supported by advanced hardware that the feeding entry with automatic detect function of each board thickness accurately.

  • Heavy air cylinder

    Heavy air cylinder with bigger diameter, better sealing effect and more durable, ensure lifting heads stably and accurately.

  • Conveyor belt automatic rectify

    Automatic detect the edge position of conveyor belt and rectify by air cylinder if deviate.


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