Two heads curtain coater
Two heads curtain coater

Two heads curtain coater

Model:  TLD-UV / TLD-PE
Function:  it draw-off the liquid paint from the paint box into the precise tool bit and down like the waterfull, when the board through the paint curtain on conveyor fast, it can coate the film evenly at least 0.008mm. This machine is usually apply to do the finish film coating with a full and beautiful effect.
· Application filed:
  furniture, wardrobe, cupboard, floor, decoration, building insulation, etc.
· Application board:
  solid wood board, ply, mdf, mfc, pb, glass, calcium silicate board, ceramic tiles, etc.
· Application paint:
  UV, PE, PU, special paint, etc.


These technical parameters are based on different working width of standard models, and for reference only. Your customization is aviliable.
Curtain coating machine TL-UV / TL-PE Working width 600mm Working width 800mm Working width 1300mm
Overall dimensions(length*width*height) 4200*960*1250mm 4200*1160*1250mm 5000*1650*1250mm
 Estimated weight 850kg 960kg 1350kg
MAX working thickness 100mm 100mm 100mm
MIN working length 300mm 300mm 300mm
Working speed 0-110m/min 0-110m/min 0-110m/min
Full power 10.5kw/4.5kw 10.5kw/4.5kw 11.9kw/5.9kw
Conveyor power 1.5kw 1.5kw 2.2kw
Pump power 1.5kw*2 1.5kw*2 2.2kw*2
Paint heating box 6kw, 150kg/0kw, 50kg 6kw, 150kg/0kw, 50kg 6kw, 150kg/0kw, 50kg
Electric motor 3, UNIS from China 3, UNIS from China 3, UNIS from China
Frequency Converter 3, Shihlin from Taiwan, China
Electrical appliance Chint from China
Conveyor T3mm, PU, Ammerraal from Holland
Tool bit Aluminum alloy


Different configarations to meet various demands and different application of paint. Your customization is aviliable.
  • Flip-style tool bit body

    Flip-style tool bit body

  • Aluminum alloy tool bit

    Aluminum alloy tool bit

  • Frequency control

    Frequency control

  • Paint efficient filter

    Paint efficient filter

  • Scratch resistance belt

    Scratch resistance belt

  • Fine tool bit assemble

    Special design double coating knife head machine structure, the use of independent double paint cycle system and double paint box, very suitable for different coatings and different coating requirements of automatic spray coating. This structure can avoid the bad effect of drenching caused by the mixed use of different coatings, reduce the trouble of cleaning knife head, recovering pipe and lacquer box, need not change paint frequently, one machine is multipurpose, greatly improve the efficiency and convenience of drenching.

  • Paint recycling steel lattice brige

    Double stainless Steel Roller transition Bridge coated smoothly without Jitter

  • Paint filter box for PE

    Different multicomponent paint independent filter paint case

  • Paint heating filter box for UV

    Separate filter heating Box for different UV Light paint


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