Why chose UV coating line for furniture?


What is UV coating line?
The principle of UV coating process is by using ultraviolet ray light UV paint to curing into the paint film in a very short time. It is light reaction so different from traditional coating process.

What′s the superiority of UV coating line?
First and foremost, this UV paint or coating process is the really ECO friendly type, there is no any hazardous material in process or when film drying.
The UV film is spatial structure which has higher hardness, better wear resistance and good transparency, so the furniture which use UV process will more durable with very good effect than traditional paints.
On the other hand, based on the quick drying feature, it is so suitable for modern process line. The wet UV paint will be cured in 3 to 5 seconds which greatly reduce the drying spaces and waiting time, can you image the extraordinary progress of production efficiency and scale?

However, we must see the problems of using UV coating line.
The unit price cost of UV paint will expensive than traditional paints, but by automatic machinery process, especially liquid circular roller coating line without waste, the total paint cost lower than traditional paints or traditional manual process.


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