Water paint primer common sense


Firstly, why the use of water-based paint recently, the term water-based painting in the woodworking decoration industry can be said to be hot, with the national policy of environmental protection, water-based paint has a tendency to replace traditional oil paint. But why do many companies abandon oil paint products that have been developed for 200 years and use water-based lacquers with only 20 years of experience in R & D? Water paint is a kind of paint with water as diluent. 70-90% of its composition is water. There are no harmful substances, such as organic solvent, formaldehyde, lead or chromium. It is because water-based paint is water as diluent so it is a non-hazardous chemical,non-flammable, non-explosive in the production process and painting process will not cause harm to employees, convenient transportation and storage. In the performance of the film, water-based paint also has yellow resistance, good handle, natural moisturizing characteristics of the film.


Secondly, the shortcomings of water-based lacquer have so many advantages, but the drawback is that in the process of painting, the surface cleanliness of water-based paint is very high, if the cleaning and dusting is not thorough enough, The clarity of the water-based paint will make the adverse effects of the paint clearly visible.


Thirdly, coating technology and essentials of waterborne lacquer.

1. Remove dust and dirt from wood products surface,

2. Trim the burrs of wood products surface, sanding the skin with sand to make the edges neat.

3. Fill with transparent putty, polish, after mending putty.

4. Rol the first paint, fill putty, sanding after cleaning plate dust.

5. Rol the paint the second time, clean the surface dust and sanding with water, repair the oil hanging part.

6. Roll the paint for the third time until the desired effect is achieved


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