Wastewater treatment in coating production lines


The wastewater treatment in the coating production line mainly refers to the production wastewater treatment in the production process, including the sewage in the workshop, the sewage generated by the laboratory and the paint room.
The wastewater in the coating production line is composed of water containing the solvent-containing solvent. In the aerosol spraying work, the paint mist of the paint machine is washed and absorbed to form waste water. The waste water contains the components of resin, pigment, additive and organic solvent, Because these substances in the mist in the way can not be directly removed by filtering, and the concentration of large discharge directly to the water can also cause water pollution, so the need for emissions before the treatment of this waste water.
Processing production wastewater generated in the production line, the first need to filter, and then with the biological treatment of hair, flocculation or membrane separation method for further processing.
1, biological treatment is the use of microbial chemical action of the waste water in the decomposition of harmful substances, so as to achieve the purpose of removal;
2, flocculation method is the use of inorganic flocculants, such as alum, ferric chloride, slaked lime and other dispersed into the waste water, adsorption of fine suspended matter to larger particles, and then through the natural settlement to achieve the purpose of removal from the wastewater;
3, membrane separation method is the use of special polymer membrane, filter out the water, the remaining paint impurities concentrated retention to achieve the purpose of purification of wastewater.
Through the above three commonly used coating line wastewater treatment method, can effectively filter paint wastewater and other production-type wastewater, so that the production enterprises of the drainage indicators qualified, so that the product in a good environment for efficient environmental protection operations.


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