The maintenance of curtain coating machine


This machine is one of the main equipment in coating production line. The quality of paint directly determines the quality of coating parts.

With the development of technology, the scope of application of lacquer technology is more and more extensive. So far, this process has been applied to floor, cabinet door, solid wood door, decorative board, cabinet board, exterior wall decoration material, stone, etc. Glass products and many other areas of topcoat coating, its good effect is other processes can not be replaced.

For a long time, a series of problems, such as bubble, curtain breaking, flow hanging and gas pump failure, have not been effectively solved. Now through our unremitting efforts and exploration, we have developed the pure aluminum alloy combination knife body and the large flow and low rotational speed special spray coating pump, which has effectively solved the problem mentioned above.


1. Using this machine, the conveyor belt movement speed from low to high, on the contrary, the speed of shutdown from high to the end, cutting can not be started at high speed and heavy load;

2. Care should be taken not to put sundries on the conveyor belt, it is strictly prohibited to use a sharp blade to remove the attached unclean material on the conveyor belt;

3. Never use hard objects to bump into any part of the L-shaped knife or flat knife so as not to damage the knife body;

4. This machine uses the environment to be clean, the air must not have too much dust, lest affect the coating quality; when the

5.UV coating is too thick, must heat;

6. After the completion of the operation, use alcohol or special diluent to clean all parts of the knife head;

7. Untrained personnel are strictly prohibited from operating this machine.



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