Species and characteristics of Wood skin


The development of wood skin is obvious to all. There are many types of bark classification:

1. according to the thickness of the classification is divided into thick wood bark and microbark.

2. According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into planer skin, rotary cut wood skin, saw cut wood skin and semi-circular wood skin.

3.According to morphological classification, it can be divided into natural wood skin; dyed wood skin; sci-tech wood skin; spliced thin wood; non-woven wood skin.

4.according to the source classification of domestic wood skin; imported wood skin.

But now the industry is mainly based on morphological classification of wood skin. The characteristics of this kind of wood skin are as follows:

1. Natural wood skin can be directly coated on thin wood board, particleboard, medium density fiberboard, rigid fiberboard to become decorative board. With cheap quality, excellent quality, and a variety of styles, easy to use, feeling elegant, without losing the characteristics of expensive;

2. Dyed wood skin is a new decorative material made from natural wood after coloring and defect treatment, which is commonly called dyed wood in China.

Dyeing characteristics:

1. Natural texture;

2. Surface zero defect;

3. Green environmental protection.

Scientific and technological wood skin is made of technical wood. Characteristics are:

1. Rich color and variety;

2. High utilization rate of finished products;

3. Great potential for product development;

4. Wide decorative format;

5. Convenient processing.

Of course, for the coating process of wood-upholstered furniture, it is suggested to use the automatic finishing machine, which can automatically identify the thickness of the plate and avoid the appearance of the paint pile head.


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