Some common problems of roller coater should be solved


In the painting technology, often used in a device is roller coater. Different types of machines can be different materials on the surface of the roller painting work, not only can play a role in beautification, but also can play a role in protection and anti-corrosion .A lot of technology will use this roller equipment, but in the use of some of the improper operation of the situation will produce some problems, the following just like some common problems for everyone to a few effective solutions.

 In the process of using roller coater ,We are often found in the construction of the board surface is relatively rough, this time we have to find the fundamentally reasons, and there are four possibilities of this situation. Such as in the reconciliation, The paint did not grasp the proportion of the time, so lead to higher paint concentration, or perhaps, there is a interval gap between the wheel and the wheel of the machine. In addition to improper use of the coating wheel caused a scratch , And finally there may be steel wheels in the clouds when the speed is too fast so that when the surface rough surface coating.

 So, when we find the problem, we have to conduct a thorough investigation, first of all depends on the viscosity of the paint, if the viscosity is relatively high, it is recommended that you re-debugging, it is best to paint the dilution, this will be effective Reduce the viscosity, if it is the second case, we can manually adjust ,the solution can be resolved, if it is a problem with the coating wheel, it is recommended that you repair a new coating wheel, the last is to adjust the speed of the wheel. When using the roller coater, if the normal use of the process generally, there will be no technical problems. We can effectively avoid the problems, as long as the normal operation process.


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