Operation process of UV automatic coating line


With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of living standard, the painting work has been shifted from manual to industrial automation. So the use of coating production line more and more widely, extended to many areas of life. In the case of Painting production lines include: substrate processing, roller coating equipment, painting equipment, ovens, heat source systems, electronic control systems, conveyor chains and so on.

1, into the product: the paint into the plug on the start work
2, electrostatic dust: the time to bring the oil, clean dust clean
3, primer roller coating: the color of its own cover, for the production requirements of the color of the first color spray or roller
4, preheat: to paint a little temperature, can better color
5, drying: through the tunnel dryer IR area for drying, for the next spraying process to prepare
6, the surface spray: according to different requirements of spraying
7, leveling dry: through the infrared drying channel leveling, drying
8, UV spray curing: UV coating with the use of UV light on the surface of the plate instantaneous curing
9, shipping and check the packaging


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