Maintenance of roll coater


Whether it is a single roll, double roll or positive roller roller coating machine, the coating principle is interlinked, simply said: through the roller rotation, smooth squeeze the paint applied to the surface of the plate, squeeze roller then turn squeeze, Fill the surface paint into the paint. So that the roller and squeeze roller is the core part of the work of roller coater.

It is precisely the most central part of the most delicate institutions, the need for careful care, a little flaw can make the overall quality of the coating lost nothing, the results of thousands of miles.
Therefore, the basic concept of roller coater maintenance and maintenance is that each customer needs a preliminary understanding. In the case of the roller coater of the Suning coating equipment, for example, a variety of greases, lubricants and the like have been added at the factory, and can be used directly. After two months of use, the original lubricating oil is released and re-added Of the lubricants can be.
After the completion of each class in the work, you must use the corresponding thinner to the roller and squeeze roller on the paint clean, the roller and squeeze roller release, or easy to damage the roller, due to the importance of the roller and the coating Quality plays a decisive role, it is necessary to include this cleaning inspection work within the scope of daily formal work. Turn off the motor for each roller, and then cut off the mains. There is not clear the machine adjustment and maintenance problems, please feel free to contact the manufacturer to consult, do not arbitrarily adjusted, so as to avoid serious consequences, if the machine running process, the operator hand into the running roller is likely to cause twist The dangerous consequences.
Roller coaster maintenance and maintenance of the operation is not difficult, the most important thing is to introduce the basic concepts above to allow our customers to pay attention to some of the necessary attention, after we will be more detailed introduction of roller coater knowledge The use of roller coater to create a better environment.


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