Main points of air spraying


Spraying distance, spray gun operation mode, spray pattern lap and paint viscosity are the four main points of spraying during the operation of air spraying. It is also the basis of spraying technology.

(1) spray distance spray distance is the distance between the tip and the object being coated. Spraying the process of spraying a constant distance is to ensure that the film thickness is an important factor to achieve this goal, the spray gun must be sprayed with the coating material perpendicular to, and the trajectory of the movement to maintain the object being parallel. If the spray gun and the coating was arc-shaped run, the thickness of the workpiece sprayed on both sides of the central and inevitable there is a big difference. Under the same conditions spraying distance is too close, the paint easily accumulate and produce sagging; too far away from the coating film thinning, paint waste larger, but also easily lead to paint and other paint defects.
(2) Spray gun operation Spray gun operation mode includes the angle of the spray gun and the coating material and the operation speed of the spray gun. Spray gun and the object to be coated should be at right angles and maintain vertical operation, if the gun tilted or circular arc mounted on the thickness of the film is not uniform. Spray gun operating speed is generally controlled within the range of 30-60cm / s, the actual operating speed based on paint spray volume and the complexity of the workpiece to determine.
(3) spray pattern lap spray pattern lap refers to spray spray pattern partially overlap. Lap width should be consistent, before and after the lap is generally the extent of the effective spray pattern amplitude 1 / 4-1 / 3. If the overlapping lap width, the film uneven, can produce stripes and marks.
(4) paint viscosity paint viscosity construction must be adjusted to the provisions of the process. Viscosity is too high, poor paint atomization, paint is not easy to spray, easy to produce defects such as orange peel; viscosity is too low, the thickness of a spray thin, and easy to produce sagging and other defects.


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