Installation and commissioning of wood wire drawing machine


In life we can often see some wooden doors or wooden floor has a very clear texture, quite natural and beautiful, giving a feeling of return to nature, careful observation, will find a lot of trees are posted a layer of paper, good Some of the paste is a layer of bark, different from the ordinary wood plate, high-grade wood is directly drawn from the wood, after painting not only in the appearance of wood more natural, and touch, Quite strong

The principle of wood drawing is not deliberately made in the wood on the desired texture, but through the wire roller along the natural grain of their own lines, brush to the lines around the excess soft wood, the lines clearly highlighted, to achieve a strong sense of texture Old craft. So for high-grade wood products to make lines, in the paint before painting the wood processing, wood wire drawing machine is essential.

Wood wire drawing machine installation and commissioning is also necessary to introduce about the market mature wood wire drawing machine product brand Senlian as an example:

1, the machine into the work area, it should be placed horizontally and fixed on the ground

2, check the various parts of the screw is fastened

3, the power cord connected, according to the control panel logo, and gradually check the steering of each motor is correct

4, respectively, adjust the lift hand wheel, so that the distance between the drawing roller and the conveyor belt and the thickness of the plate to be processed

5, open the conveyor motor switch, conveyor belt to work, put the workpiece to test run, to be tested after the workpiece processing, before mass production.

With the consumer for the pursuit of wood products is getting higher and higher, wood drawing sheet must become the mainstream of the future products, wood wire drawing machine will increase the technological content, for the rich coating production line has played a catalytic role.


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