How to solve the problem of spray paint discontinuously when spraying?


In the coating spray production line, the construction process will encounter a lot of spraying the impact of spray quality of the failure phenomenon, which is the coating when the spray is not continuous, spray the coating will be found in the defect. Here we will address the phenomenon of this failure, analysis of the reasons for its production, as well as a detailed description of the solution.
First of all, is for the spraying of equipment on the adjustment, the gun jar in the paint is insufficient, will cause paint spray discontinuous obstacles, the solution is also very simple only need to add paint in the gun jar can.
From the raw materials to analyze, that is, when the paint coating viscosity is too high, if the raw materials can not be deployed properly, when spraying is certainly a variety of problems, where we must adjust the appropriate paint viscosity.
Then, in the spray construction, the gun's paint channel if the air into the paint will also produce a problem of continuous coating, where the need to do a good job sealing channel to prevent the air into the paint channel.
Finally, from the construction of the norms and operations to analyze the above reasons, check the gun cap on the air hole is blocked, if the blockage, to immediately remove the plug. If there is no air hole blockage, check the needle valve gasket is damaged, if the damage can be replaced immediately.
Above the spray coating encountered when the coating is not continuous fault and control measures. With the furniture spraying machine, can be more perfect to ensure that the spraying of the workpiece when the paint film quality.


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