How to select insulation materials ?


What problems should be paid attention to in selecting insulation materials for building exterior wall thermal insulation and decoration integration industry?

The developers of domestic heat preservation and decoration integration industry have also encountered cold winter, the technical exploration and the industry’s disapproval make the development of the one-body board relatively slow. Thermal insulation board industry has not really arrived, but as the strength of enterprises continue to emerge, building exterior insulation decoration board will become a trend. What problems should be paid attention to in selecting insulation materials for building exterior insulation and decoration board?

1. Fire rating: in the past two years, building fires have occurred frequently, and the focus of people’s attention has been placed on the exterior insulation materials of the walls. At the same time, the safety problem of human life is bound to determine the development direction of thermal insulation materials while emphasizing the effect of energy saving and heat preservation. To enhance the fireproof performance of insulation materials, the state gives policy care, the domestic fireproof insulation materials can certainly develop rapidly.

2. waterproof performance: the water absorption of the material is an important factor to be considered when selecting the insulation material. After absorbing water, the insulation material will not only reduce the insulation performance, but also accelerate the corrosion of the metal. The gap structure of insulation materials can be divided into three types: connected type, closed type and semi-closed type. Except for a few organic foam plastics, most of the gaps are closed type with poor water absorption performance, other insulation materials have no wheel structure, and the material itself absorbs water. Coupled with the capillary through the gap can absorb water, so the overall water absorption is very high. At present, most insulation and insulation materials in China are impermeable and have high water absorption, so the waterproof requirements of the external layer are very strict, and the cost of the outer protective layer is increased.

3.thermal insulation effect: at present, there are some defects in the application of some insulation materials, perlite can produce high corrosive calcium oxide under the condition of warm gas, and because it keeps moisture for a long time, Therefore, not suitable for use in low-temperature environment, can only be used in high-temperature environment without moisture. Therefore, in order to overcome the shortcomings of thermal insulation materials, light-weight and multi-functional composite thermal insulation materials have been developed all over the world.

The heat preservation industry can survive for a long time only by pursuing the innovation of technology, improving the quality and serving well in the later period. The enterprises that do not pay attention to the quality of products and lack of supporting technical services will be eliminated under this competitive market condition and will also affect and hinder the sustainable and healthy development of the whole board industry of thermal insulation and decoration.


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