How to safely operate to enhance the life of UV lamp


UV full name traviolet, that is, ultraviolet, UV lamp is referred to as UV lamp, how safe operation to enhance the life of UV lamp it?

Xiaobian to share a few little knowledge to extend the life of UV lamp
1, in the installation of UV lamp, you must put the light box in the reflector with alcohol wipe clean, if the light box inside the reflector dust too much, will affect the reflection of ultraviolet light focus on the effect of the workpiece in the high-speed operation of the dry Features. UV lamp near the working life, the energy emitted by the lamp will gradually decay, this phenomenon will be more obvious.
2, the new UV lamp installation, should avoid contact with the tube diameter part of the tube, if the lamp wall to leave the fingers of the sweat and ink and other stolen goods, will affect the workpiece dry function, we must use alcohol wipe clean, The new UV lamp should also be wiped with alcohol when used, so that the lamp can be avoided too fast.
3, the new UV lamp in the first use, all the lights should be lit all, or may cause the back of the lamp point does not shine phenomenon. But also to avoid too frequent lighting, frequent lighting will lead to both ends of the lamp too early black, will affect the UV lamp output power. Also note that when the internal voltage is too low may also cause the lamp point does not shine phenomenon.
4, in the downtime of not more than an hour to re-light, be careful not to repeatedly light, turn off the lights, or will lead to damage to the lamp and lamp phenomenon is not bright.
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