How to identify whether the plate is solid wood or dyeing plate before painting


As the cost of wood-based panels is low, and the technology is mature, so in the cohabitation of the furniture market, layman is generally difficult to use the naked eye to identify the plate is solid wood or dyeing plate. It is a good thing to welcome and save wood by ordinary consumers, but many bad businesses sell artificial dyed furniture at the price of precious wood, so that the lack of experience of consumers or furniture manufacturers suffer losses. How to identify the plate before painting is solid wood or dyeing plate?

Dyed plate is actually the market said paste wood veneer, it is dyed with dipping process on the wood after the deep staining of slices, and then attached to other low-quality wood surface to do the decorative plate. In any one of the coating production line, to determine the coating process, the first thing is to determine the nature of wood species.

Can be used to identify the destruction of the law, the specific operation for the edge of the edge of the blade with a knife, because many plates do not need to paint the edge of the wood, so moderate edge will not affect the late painting processing. As the solid wood as a whole, its surface and the inner layer of the material is certainly the same, the color is very small, but if the color difference, you can basically determine the artificial dyed.
From the perspective of the coating process, the difference is the plate is solid wood or dyeing plate is the main reason is the surface of the veneer veneer is generally very thin, if mistaken for solid wood, it is easy in the coating production line will be sand Light machine sand wear the surface, resulting in uneven coloring phenomenon.


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