How to effectively avoid the abnormal spray pattern


In the high –pressure airless spraying ,in order to avoid the abnormal spray pattern , in order to ensure the normal operation of spraying equipment, inspection is necessary  needed which to check to operation of equipment in time, and timely to find fault and take measures to eliminate. The following is a detailed solution:

1, the spray pattern is not normal, cause nozzle selection is not appropriate, the solution, the replacement of the appropriate nozzle.

2, paint spray pressure is insufficient, can also lead to avoid spray graphics abnormal fault, adjust the appropriate paint spray pressure is the solution.

3, in the high pressure airless spray coating construction, if the nozzle is too much wear and tear, but also produce an effective spray graphics abnormal fault now, the solution is very simple, only need to replace the nozzle can be.

4, the mouth of the foreign body, in the painting high-pressure airless spraying construction will also appear spray graphics abnormal fault, only need to replace the cleaning cork needle can be solved.

The above is the high-pressure airless spraying, small automatic wood line spraying machine spray pattern is not the main reason, the above is a detailed description of the solution.


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