How to do about roller marks in coating process?


In the major coating production line, the roller coating process is often used, it has high production efficiency, saving paint and other advantages. Although the roller coating process in advance in accordance with the requirements of the product design, but in the actual production or in the fight during the sample will encounter a lot of specific problems, such as sheet metal coating will be wavy-like orange peel-like scratches. That roll coating process paint how to do?

 First of all, we follow the experience and the shape of rolling marks, to make three major causes of speculation:

1, the coating temperature is too low, the temperature is lower than the paint film temperature, paint will cause uneven liquefaction.

2, the paint itself viscosity, making the uneven differentiation of paint, dilution is insufficient.

3, roller press squeeze roller and roller gap is too large, making the paint into the amount is too large, the unit paint paint is too thick.

According to the above analysis, we will be able to sum up the solution to deal with the roller coating process has a rolling problem.

1, the appropriate to enhance the coating ambient temperature, the workshop temperature and paint through the heat can also be kept warm.

2, the choice of viscosity of the appropriate paint, in the deployment of the proportion must be in accordance with the instructions for the paint to prepare for painting.

3, by rotating the hand wheel or man-machine interface control to reduce the roller between the roller and squeeze roller gap, control the flow of paint.

 In the actual production, the operation of workers through the study, one by one to exclude the above reasons, the basic can solve the roller coating process has a common problem of rolling marks, to overcome the paint rolling marks, painting effect will be significantly improved, the product value Naturally guaranteed.


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