How to clean wood door spray machine


Wooden door paint machine belongs to large automatic painting equipment, it is a special painting equipment for wood door paint spraying. In the feild of door painting production, the wooden door painting machine is the main working equipment, because of the low efficiency compared with the rolling coating production line, it is almost every day to run at full load to achieve the expected output.

Wooden door painting machine is a precision equipment, especially the quality of spray gun determines the spraying effect to a great extent, so the cleaning of the spray gun of wood door painting machine is very important.

The cleaning of the spray gun is the cleaning of the whole spray gun mechanism, not only the nozzle should be cleaned carefully, but also the pump should be cleaned in cooperation with the use. The first is the cleaning of the whole pipe. Loosen the nozzle, release the pressure, start the spray gun, and let the excess liquid paint flow out of the pipeline. Then pour out the residual paint and inject the solvent with good solubility, usually with banana water or other thinning materials. Let the solvent be continuously injected and shot out from the nozzle head, so that the deposited or solidified paint in the pipe can be basically discharged.

For the spray gun itself, remember not to unload the spray gun after the whole immersion in the cleaning solvent, due to the internal sealing gasket can not resist diluent, easy to cause swelling or leakage and other consequences. The correct step should be to remove the air cap, only soak the nozzle, use a soft brush in the solvent to brush, and then dry with clean cotton cloth. If you are more careful, you can install the spray gun, start the equipment with air only for simulation spraying operation, to ensure that the spray gun inside and inside the pipe can be quickly dried into normal use after cleaning.

It is an important work to prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure the quality of spraying by cleaning the wooden door painting machine regularly, reducing the paint content density of indoor spray paint to a certain extent, and cleaning the spray gun carefully and correctly.


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