How does the coating line finish high-performance work?


The so-called coating production line, that is, the use of sliding conveyor system, automatically complete all the work of the link, and in the process of conveying the workpiece, it uses a combination of two kinds of transport, the first is the air suspension, and then There is the ground of the taxi, with the combination of this transmission line, not only the work of the link is a very good completion, but also to ensure that the operation of the flat, fast. Of course, the most important thing is the entire control program, only the use of control procedures, in order to make the whole link to meet the requirements of the work.

Of course, in the current computer age, naturally make it play a stronger advantage, not only to run it according to established procedures, but also can play the purpose of monitoring twice. So it is at the same time, the most important also to maintain the accuracy, which can complete more high-precision and high degree of product coating. It is not only in the painting, the use of control procedures can be used, in addition to drying above, but also joined the more important procedures, we also know that the last drying is also very important.

Since the coating production line is the production line, the complexity of the whole system and large, so it must maintain a wide range of harmonization, for a variety of different products to carry out different work, but also in the whole process of work, but also to complete the entire product process The need. Such as dusting, painting and so on a variety of different needs, and now there are many products in the production time, not only requires a very good quality, more requires it to have a good appearance, and the coating line just in such a request Under the show, especially for cabinets UV board simple roll roll automatic painting production line, it not only products and components have a very good appearance, but also more self-protection layer.


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