How do you remove the smell of paint from the new furniture?


How do you remove the smell of paint from the new furniture? Speaking of paint we will think of formaldehyde and other harmful gases, paint inside the number will have formaldehyde. Formaldehyde may we all know is a great harm to the health of the gas, then the new furniture we buy how to effectively remove the paint taste it? Xiao Bian today to teach you how to remove the paint taste.

First, keep the room ventilated. For the new furniture to buy, it is best to be able to open all doors and windows, so that the air to keep the room in circulation, so you can achieve the effect of air purification to formaldehyde and other harmful gases quickly discharged.
Second, use formaldehyde detergent. Remove the paint odor of the cleaning agent in the market there are many, can effectively remove the new furniture and the decoration of the house out of the harmful gases.
Third, food and plants remove the paint taste. In our food there are many can be removed from the taste of paint, such as pineapple, in the new room to buy furniture to put a few pineapples can be distributed by the pineapple fresh taste quickly clear paint taste, pineapple in the distribution of fresh taste at the same time But also to absorb formaldehyde. Can also be placed in the room some plants, there is the effect of air purification and formaldehyde absorption.
Fourth, eat salt to remove paint taste. Many people do not know that we commonly used salt can also remove the paint smell, because the salt has a very strong alkaline, with rapid adsorption of formaldehyde, in the newly bought furniture room put a few pots of salt water, you can remove the smell.


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