Different seasons, UV light oil formulations are also different


UV Varnish in different seasons, the problem is not the same, we should pay attention to what the problem?

First, UV varnish to be divided into winter and summer two different formulations

1. Use should pay attention to distinguish between seasonal and weather temperature changes, select the applicable varnish. The formula for winter is lower than that of the summer recipe, so as to improve the slippery performance of the varnish in the winter when the temperature is low. In the summer, the temperature is higher and the solid content is increased in order to increase the curing rate of UV.

2. If the winter formula used in the summer, this will cause UV oil curing is not complete, it is likely to cause anti-stick and other phenomena; the other hand, if the summer formula used in the winter, it will cause UV oil slippery performance is poor, resulting in blistering, orange peel phenomenon.

Second, UV varnish should be fully stirred before use

UV varnish is a variety of chemical raw materials to reconcile, if you do not have to put a long time, the bucket of vat vegetable part of the chemical raw materials will be separated before use should be fully stirred evenly.

Three, in order to avoid not completely dry and anti-stick way

1. The speed of the light curing machine does not affect the slowest speed of production.

2. Select 2 * 5.6KW light curing machine, the normal speed of 25M / MIN.

3. Can not use the life of the full UV lamp (GB is: 800h ~ 1000h, domestic lamp in 500h or so).

4.UV lamp and lampshade should be cleaned with alcohol once a month to avoid dust shielding effect of curing effect.

5. After the product finished UV curing machine can not immediately before the stack, to be divided into 5-10 sheets on the dry rack on the cooling after 15 minutes before stacking.

6. In case of dark blue, black, special substrates to use fast-drying UV varnish or to reduce the speed.

Fourth, how to detect UV dumb film varnish is completely dry and avoid anti-stick phenomenon

UV dumb film varnish is made of low melting point resin. In the hot summer, if not completely dry is easy to sticky. First of all, UV varnish drying process is divided into two kinds, dry and deep dry, so rely on hand mold is not a. At present in the industry there is no definite detection of drying methods, but according to experience can provide the following three ways:

1. With a dry index finger pressed in the dry UV varnish surface for 5 seconds to release the sticky hand for the complete dry.

2. Will be a few pieces of finished products with 50KG to 100KG pressure 2-3 hours.

3. Wipe the surface with talc.

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