Control of coating thickness of UV coating equipment


The use of UV coating process, you need to take into account the cost of UV paint, the market price of UV paint is generally higher than other types of paint, it is usually used in high-grade wood products in the coating. UV coating of different products, whether it is primer or finish, need a few paint to achieve the desired effect. And because the use of different, such as some products only need a layer of glue to do protection, may be a painting can be completed; some products because of price factors, in order to control the cost of paint, may reduce the number of coating.

Although UV coating with its high painting efficiency and environmental protection is known, but there is no ideal one-time coating can be finished, so a reasonable selection of UV coating equipment is the key. Through different UV coating equipment, film thickness control, can achieve the desired effect in the case of effective control costs.

Commonly used UV coating equipment, UV roller coating and UV coating machine is the most widely used. Among them, the roller coating is suitable for UV thin coating, leaching suitable for UV thick coating.

UV coating machine thin coating is also the need to control the thickness of the film can be adjusted through the control panel conveyor conveyor speed, roller surface contact with the board surface, roller and roll between the gap and roll and roll With the coordination of many aspects of the control film thickness. If you can not actually measure the thickness of the film, you can control the coating to ensure that the coating amount of 30 to 60 grams per square meter can be.

UV coating machine thick coating more need to control the thickness of the film, the coating will be too thick thick shrinkage phenomenon, you can narrow the leaching paint knife, speed up the conveyor belt and reduce the speed of the pump to effectively control the UV shower The thickness of the coating is usually controlled at 60 to 120 grams per square meter.

UV coating equipment with the right, the operator adjust the equipment before painting accurate, serious proofing, UV coating production line can play a huge work efficiency, so that through high-quality high-yield products to make up for the cost of paint inputs.


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