Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of rubber rollers


The different direction of rotation of rubber rollers will make different effects on the coating film which can not be ignored. The main distinguishing embodied in the thickness of film. Each roller team of roller coating machine combines one stainless steel roller for extruding and the other rubber roller for coating. Usually roller team rotating in counterclockwise will coat film more thick than it in acquiescent clockwise.

For example when we coating UV paint on MFC board, chose double roller coating machine which roller teams rotate all in clockwise to do colorless primer is better. Because of single roller will coat film too thin to easily be sanded through and double roller in counterclockwise will coat film too thick to waste more paint which increase cost of paint in a long term.

By the way, we talk about the little common failing of counterclockwise roller team. Especially for those furniture boards which had been edge banded, there will be paint stack on the front and rear ends which can not be allowed. For those boards without edge banded, it is still need sanding machine to deal with this paint stack after coating primer. Therefore, we design the instant lifting function which can detect the boards feeding and down the roller right on the board immediately then lifting after coating to reduce the impact between the board and coating rollers. This function can avoid the paint stack problem once for all and make the effect of paint film much better.


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