Basic principles for selection of curing machine



Coating curing is a long time in the coating process, and coating curing is also the main process of energy consumption in the coating production line. The quality of coating curing directly affects the weight and cost of the product.

Therefore, to improve the technology of curing equipment, it is necessary to develop to high efficiency, low energy consumption and less pollution. What are the basic principles for selecting curing equipment?

1. Select curing equipment

2 according to the number of unit time of workpiece, line speed of conveying equipment or distance of workpiece

3, dimension of workpiece shape and drying room out The imported conveying equipment type and conveying equipment elevation

4, coating curing technical requirements, For example, the curing time and temperature

It should be paid attention to in the selection of the drying room. First, the curing process of the coating in the drying room, and the whole curing process of the coating in the drying room should be known. The temperature of workpiece coating varies with time in the heating stage, heat preservation section and cooling section.

Secondly, the choice of heat source. The temperature and quality of the cured coating should be taken into account when selecting the heat source, and the local energy policy and the comprehensive economic effect should be taken into account at the same time.

Finally, the size of the drying room. Under the condition of satisfying the technological layout of the workshop, the temperature difference of the drying room and the area occupied by the drying room should be reduced as far as possible, and the energy consumption, the waste of the equipment material and the quick and convenient installation and transportation of the equipment should be saved. Different curing equipment, the choice of drying room is also different, such as: coating production line generally choose passing drying room, non-assembly line of painting generally suitable for batch drying room.


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