Application of intelligent spraying robot


In the news or on TV, smart robot figure is no longer strangers in recent years.The tide of the Industrial Revolution that machines replace humans has come. Not only in the industrial field, but also in the field of painting furniture, the coating features of intelligent robots have been utilization. Application of intelligent robot spraying is the most representative.

In particular, the mainstream of current custom furniture results in large quantities of traditional stereotypes coating production turning into a diverse and complex irregular plate painting, Smart paint robot makes full use of it’s high flexibility, which is very suitable for bonding the coating trends.

Features of Intelligent spraying robot
1. Flexible, large working range, high coating efficiency
2. Aplly of High configuration imported pump and low pressure mixed gas spraying gun, good spaying quality ,no sagging, high paint using efficiency;
3. Aplly of programming pendant which is seemingly complex, but the fuction is very complete. And we tailor programming to customers, so that customers can operate the robot easily whithout secondary development.
4. Continuous spraying pipeline operations and high coating efficiency.

There have been numerous large furniture manufacturers put it into use through our development and improvement,, but at the same time we have to make a prompt limitations of this process, compared to our mature equipment: CNC five-axis sprayer and UV spraying machine, one-time investment of intelligent spraying robot is large, while installation of equipment is more complex, which must support the implementation at the manufacturer's directions.


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