A detailed description of the solution to the repair printing of coating coatings


What is "repair printing"? In the coating production line, the construction process of the coating part of the repair and the original coating there is a significant difference between gloss and hue. This phenomenon is called coating coating repair. Coating coating repair phenomenon for the coating production line coating quality, effect, appearance, etc. have a great impact, we must find out the reasons through the system analysis, one by one to find a targeted solution, What is the definition of the coating coating repair, the main reason for the production and the detailed description of the solution.
1, first of all, in the coating production line, the coating needs to be repaired, the repair part of the original coating with color or gloss difference, this time we need to repair part of the original coating in color and gloss May be consistent, otherwise it should be re-sprayed once again painted, in order to eliminate the production of coating coating repair printed.
2, then, to solve the coating coating was painted gloss and color problems, we take a look at the coating production line, the coating was coated with the coating between the layers of poor adhesion, the interface can not be polished smooth phenomenon. What is the solution to this problem? We can be painted in the interface with putty or sand eye gray transition, so that you can solve the coating coating was coated with poor adhesion between the layers, the interface can not polish smooth this phenomenon.
3, secondly, in the coating coating construction, and sometimes repair the place to absorb the topcoat there will be repaired printed, so in the painted putty at the end of a spray cover a primer.
4, finally, in the coating coating production line, the edge of the coating by the patch on the edge of the paint produced by the phenomenon of repair, we used in the edge of the coating edge of the sliding or repair surface expansion to no obvious geometric boundaries End, in order to solve the phenomenon of repair India.
Coating coating repair and other defects encountered in the coating coating construction, through the analysis of the system reasons, targeted to solve the problem, with the standard operation, high-quality raw materials, automatic equipment (double roll Coating machine), good environment and other factors, in order to perfect the completion of the coating process.


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