A detailed description of how to avoid the pinhole phenomenon of coating


In the coating production line, the phenomenon of the pinhole in the drying process after the coating sprayed, called the coating hole. The problem of pinhole of coated coatings severely affects the performance, the aesthetics, and the quality of the coating on the coating line. All we have to find the corresponding countermeasures to avoid coating the phenomenon of coated pinhole in order to ensure the quality of the coating on the production line.

First of all, in the coating production line, pay attention to the paint solvent system is unreasonable phenomenon. If you find an unreasonable solvent phenomenon, to immediately replace the reasonable solvent system coating.

Solve the solvent problem of the paint, in the coating from the top of the analysis, if the coating is smooth and both the intense drying, the surface is too fast, the phenomenon of pinhole phenomenon occurs. Therefore, in the paint after spraying need to extend the appropriate drying time, in order to effectively avoid the coating coating pinhole phenomenon.

Second, the workpiece is the problem, the coating production line, the workpiece is coated or the construction environment is too high for the coating will occur when the phenomenon of pinhole. To improve this problem to change the temperature of the construction environment, the appropriate increase in part of the high boiling point of the solvent.

Then, in the coating production line construction environment of the air humidity is too high, must ensure that the construction environment humidity. Appropriate to adjust the reasonable construction environment, to ensure the quality of coating production line.

Finally, it is paint. In the coating coating construction process mixed with impure material, this situation is also very easy to produce coated pinhole, in the coating construction process must pay attention to the cleaning of the painting tool and the quality of the solvent.

The above is the main reason leading to the pinholes of the coated coating. Reasonable improvement of the environment, raw materials, workpieces and other issues with precision coating equipment UV roller coater, in order to better ensure the best performance of the coating process.



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